Our Process

Understanding Your Needs

Whether you need a single speaker or an entire audio system, MISCO's experienced sales and engineering staff will work to understand your performance, schedule and cost goals. Once we know your needs, we will develop a written plan with a milestone-based timeline for your approval. Our accredited project managers will keep in close touch with your team throughout the project to ensure a smooth, cost-effective and timely outcome.

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Technology-Based Product Design

MISCO engineers design products using the latest 3D CAD tools, like SolidWorks, powerful FEA electro-magnetic modeling programs like FEMM and FineMotor, and a variety of acoustical modeling software. We validate designs with state-of-the-art Klippel laser-based measurement equipment and freely share design ideas and improvement suggestions with our customers to ensure the best possible product performance, fit, and finish.

MISCO Engineers Collaborating

Prototyping and Testing

A prototype is an ultimate test of whether a design hits or misses the mark. We build prototypes in our Minneapolis factory under the supervision of our design team to ensure a smooth transition from engineering to manufacturing. We subject prototype transducers to short-term high power and long-term durability tests, and we employ our complete suite of cutting-edge Klippel equipment to measure all critical performance parameters. MISCO-built prototypes are the ultimate proofs-of-concept and your assurance that you’ll ultimately get the production product you expect.

Manufacturing and Quality Control

Once you have approved the prototypes, we move the product into production with the same attention to detail with which we designed the speaker or system. We use precision assembly fixtures and adhesive dispensing equipment along with strict process controls and documentation. MISCO uses Listen’s "SoundCheck" and Klippel’s QC Modules to assure that the speakers MISCO delivers precisely meet your specifications.

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