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First Time Buyer?

High quality speakers are the most important element in creating "Great Sound". Most of us want the best possible audio experience. You can have it. If you’re a beginner, gaining some background information can be useful. We compiled some basic useful information which you may find to be helpful. Look at the Technical Briefs.

What Do Those Specifications Mean?

Loudspeakers have many specifications. You don’t need to know what all of them represent, so don’t be concerned. MISCO designs and specifies speakers for virtually every industry which uses audio devices, that includes the Military, NASA, the US government and even for other loudspeaker brands.  MISCO is an OEM, an original equipment manufacturer. Those MISCO customers employ engineers who need to know and understand those specifications. It helps those MISCO customers define the audio solution they need.

 So, which speaker specifications are most important? The following are the most helpful specification terms.

Application – Where are you going to use it and how will it be used.  Will it be use for; an audio system for entertainment, a do-it-yourself project speaker, an intercom, a paging system, a car sound system and many other applications.  Is it designed to work outdoors or underwater?  MISCO has your product application solution.

 Size – Measure you speaker and know its dimensions. It’s got to fit!

Impedance – A speaker’s impedance rating is always given as a single number—which is a bit deceiving. Every loudspeaker’s impedance curve is just that—a curve. There are frequencies that drop the impedance down and require more power from an amplifier to power through. The bottom line is that impedance is the resistance or “load” the loudspeaker presents to the supplied power. A majority of speakers are rated at 8-ohms.

Power handling – This is the maximum amount of power that the speaker was designed to use.  These specs are measure in Watts. Look at the Technical Briefs.

Sensitivity –The measurement of output for a given input, usually expressed in decibels (dB) SPL with 1 Watt input measured at 1 Meter distance. This approximately correlates to the efficiency of the loudspeaker's ability to turn electrical energy (signal) into acoustic energy (sound).

For more information, take a look at the Basic Loud Speaker Specifications Glossary, in Technical Briefs on this page.


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Technical Briefs

Bold North Audio MS10W Tech brief (PDF)


Basic loudspeaker specifications glossary (PDF)

What are Technical Briefs?

These Brief Technical Articles take you inside the technology of loudspeakers, enclosures, amplifiers, and more. They are written by engineers with decades of audio expertise. MISCO shares information, making it more understandable by providing insights and tips learned over MISCO's seven decade history.